Oh, God, my self-esteem! Theme Design Review Please

Sixth time is a charm…right?..right?

Okay, here I go for the sixth (or is it seventh?) attempt.

I am going to upload the following WordPress theme for submission to Themeforest.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me your honest feedback, I do not think my poor little heart can handle another rejection message.

Please only design and functionality feedback as I know it is not yet W3C Validated (I am a designer, not a developer so I am having to hire someone to fix those errors for me).

Here is the link again:

Thank you!!!

I think you can improve it.

Use high resolution images.
Improve menu
Improve buttons
Improve slider and typography.

Please check approved psds …

Less animations and little they should show little faster, two preloaders?

Totally agree on the slider.

Will update the menu and button designs.

Anything else that stands out as needing improvement to optimize approval potential?


Will fix this thank you :slight_smile:

Any other ideas for how to get this theme up to standards and ready for approval?


Your HTML is not valid, you should probably take care of that

Yes, I mentioned up at the top that I have to get someone to do that for me, I’m a designer, not developer and I tried and fixed about 50% of the issues but that’s all I could do.

Looking for improvement feedback on the design.

Anyone have any other ways that I can improve the design aspects of this theme?

I would truly appreciate the advice.

Thank you so much.

In my opinion:

  1. Fix the JS error on your site.
  2. Remove any unnecessary animations like the moving icons from the left/right side.
  3. Don’t justify the text alignment in paragraphs as it can cause inconsistent space between words. Just use flush left.
  4. Avoid using hard color on the button borders.
  5. The style of slider bullets can be improved.
  6. Make all the buttons consistent in the proportion of paddings, font size, for example.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: