Official answer from ThemeForest needed

Officially to ThemeForest:

My theme was soft rejected fourth time, please help to find out what can i do

    1. Please resolve all warning and required messages output by the Theme Check plugin, - Anything you include within your theme must be up to the same standards as the theme itself. (You can ignore the “Zip file found.” message reported)

BUT: regarding Theme Submission Requirements:

Themes are required to eliminate WARNING, REQUIRED, RECOMMENDED, and INFO notices from the ‘Theme-Check’ plugin as much as possible. Some allowable exceptions include the following:
Warning: Found base64_encode()
Warning: Found base64_decode()
Warning: Found fwrite()
Warning: Found fopen()
Warning: Found fclose()
Recommended: Found add_theme_support(‘custom-header’, $args)
Recommended: Found add_theme_support(‘custom-background’, $args)


I’m already using TGM Plugin Activation, however it does throw up a huge amount of RECOMMENDED errors, will these be ignored?

Errors thrown by TGM Plugin Activation will be ignored.

Errors thrown by any other open source or custom written alternative will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

WTF? Is reviewer should not follow official Theme Submission Requirements? My theme doesn’t contain any errors except errors caused by TGM and base64_encode warnings

  1. Theme should work out of the box without relying on plugins for basic functionality. Please fix this so that we can move forward.

I tested this theme fourth time, and i can activate it both on localhost and hosting with WP_DEBUG enabled without any error. Also no any plugins were active when i activate my theme first time to check on WP Unit test

I asked all reviewers to provide details on how can i reproduce this error, but they simply ignored me! WTF again, is it hard to provide server configuration / WP_CONFIG.PHP / plugins installed at least? I don’t know what reviewer has on it’s localhost, and my theme works fine on clean WordPress installation without any additional plugins active.

I’m waiting for official response, how can i upload my theme to the theme forest if nobody can’t help and reviewers did not read Theme Submission Requirements? :angry:

Hi @wplab,

Please note that this is not official reply.

  1. If your TGMPA is throwing unusually high amount of errors, you may want to use the most recent version of it. If possible, please regenerate your file using this site and make sure to check the “Themeforest” option:
    There shouldn’t be much more errors displayed by Theme Check plugin, but it might be helpful to post a list of them here.

  2. As far as I’m concerned all websites are tested on the very basic WordPress installation, with no changes and plugins (except for Theme Check). Please make sure to test your theme on a completely new instance of WordPress, with clean database, if you haven’t done that already.