Oder Management Software got rejected, need feedback

Hi everyone, I’m new to codecanyon, I submitted a Laravel application yesterday and got rejected.

Here is what they said: We have completed our review of “OMS - Sales Order management System & POS with Stock” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again

I’m guessing they didn’t even bother looking at the app iteself, just outright rejected it by reading the app name. Can you guys please review the product and let me know how it can be improved?

Demo: https://omsdemo.byteloaded.com/
user: richard@byteloaded.com
pass: 123456

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

1-Vary poor User interface,
2-inputs are not sanitized.

bad practiced

How? it’s unaltered Admin LTE. All elements are standard AdminLTE. I’ve seen a lot software on codecanyon which uses AdminLTE.

Buddy, I see your own software got rejected for the same reason, and you are giving me reviews? lol :joy:

Your UI looks as bad as mine perhaps

It’s a hilarious situation.

you are right man…i told you what am facing by-self. anyway don’t give up. keep it growing.