Odd comments on new tracks?

I’ve received the exact same comment from two different authors and am wondering what the deal with this is? Do they have bots set up to comment on author’s new tracks or something?

The comment I’ve gotten more than once is “Good work …… Cool !! … Good luck :)”.

Anyone else experience this and think it’s odd?


I had the same comments on my tracks.

It’s just popular good and cool words. In envato marketplace people from over the world like me and not all can say what they really think about your or somebody else item) I using cool good great perfect superb and all because i don’t know much more in english. I think it’s one of the reason)

I think it’s just a copy-pasted comment in an attempt of self-promotion. I’ve seen the exact same message you mentioned on many new tracks around AJ. There are plenty of others that have done it, too; one author used to comment on every track in the popular files list with the exact same generic comment “Amazing music track!”. You can either take it as a compliment or ignore it. What they are doing is perfectly allowed and definitely not “spamming”, just a little shallow in some cases.

I find 3 community-friends from Italy, Poland and Belarus after got comments from this guys. It helps a lot and i’m happy for this. So comments could be helpful at same time

Definitely. I only object to authors half-heartedly copy-pasting comments on every track they see just to promote themselves and get exposure. I agree with you that there are plenty of authors who comment with good intentions :blush:

Ah I see. Makes sense. I think of someone is going to do that they should at least use proper grammar lol .

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Great thread! Really cool work. I wish you many replies!


GLWR_eplies too :flushed: :smiley:

hi, commenting by copying and pasting makes no sense at all in my view … indeed this is exactly the opposit way with how it should be. When u comment, u give something , including part of your time, u I’ve attention to a work or an author, this is how this is community oriented and this shows that u think about others … . If u dot do anything this way, maybe this better not commenting, period … (even if this is also too bad in a way as this is how we create a community, by all interacting, getting to know each other and so on … ). let’s face it , if we can have somethign to say with some comments which are kind of strange, not really valuing items or which maybe suspected to be a copy-and-paste thing, on the other hand, answering by copying and pasting doesn’t make much more sense too and sometimes it can be felt as a disregarding thing for the authors who took time to come and see your item and post a message

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i personally would like people to make me understand how u can promote yourself by posting a comment somewhere anyway … especially if it sounds negative, just like a copy and paste does … . I see some guys do somethign lie this sometimes and honestly , i am wandering what’s the purpose … by posting on an item u can make it become a trending item or help it to be and when so u can sort of push up the concerned authors sales , so how can it possibly benefit a guy commenting?

hi, what i personally do not like much this is when someone is posting a comment that looks like restraining much a work , like u create a flyer and someone comes and comments “nice colors” only … for me that sounds like not really being positive a comment, as, let’s face it , u took much time to create a flyer, to make a whole composition , to combine typos to make somethign as original as u can possibly do and so on and talking about colors only is not fathering in my view … the work is not limited to a cool color / cool colors …

That’s a little too much to ask I think. Why not assume that people make comments with the best intentions and in the best way they can?
There will always be misuse in some way by some people, but that should be the minority.
And imho everything on the internet has some degree of selfpromotion. If only just to say you’re here :smiley:

bets intentions no doubt , what is too bad is that sometimes they ruin a bit the thing they did with a good intention in mind but anyway this is ok, that’s better to have comment and life on item pages , to make sure that all guys interact :wink:

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