Odd/ arbitrary rejection?

I’ve been getting some very awkward reviews lately, items seem to be arbitrarily accepted or rejected. I’m pretty confident about their quality/ usability and I don’t understand the hard rejection. I’ll post screenshots and would love some harsh feedback because I must be missing something. Thank you :blush:

Everything above was hard rejected. I have these two quite simple and unoriginal products soft rejected and ready to be put for sale (but I do not plan to put them for sale). What am I missing? I don’t understand why they reject nice and original stuff and keep accepting similar designs :confused: should I drop them a message or these products actually sucks and they actually belong in the rejected page?

Really I love these geometric patterns! :heart:
What about the saturation of the market? Quality is not always the reason for rejection.

The colors of the motherboard are confusing me. It s hard to understand what I am looking.
Stellar maybe looks a bit weird. Maybe too experimental for the market.

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Thank you, I truly appreciate your feedback! Stellar is my favorite one and the pattern is the most common in my opinion, so it is helpful to see a different perspective!

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Great design not sure why it was rejected

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