Obtain Helpful Hacker Badge


Yes, one dream comes true :slight_smile:

Helpful Hacker Badge in My profile.

I have already submitted several critical issues about most selling items in Envato :slight_smile:

They are resolved and I get my place in Helpful Hacker Honor List and As Well As a CooL Badge.

See me here: https://webuild.envato.com/helpful-hacker/ [Named: Ashik Mahmud]

Thanks, Envato :slight_smile:

I will continue my finding process and also I request authors I already informed about issues at least give thanks to people like me with a sticker :wink: as we are doing this service at free cost. We at least deserve this.

Today I submitted another item report which is sold over 21k times but still has security issue :slight_smile: Hope that will also add to my list :slight_smile: