Obligatory Elite Club Bragging (what a week!)

What a week it has been! I celebrated my birthday, my daughter (Olive) was born and I joined the Envato Elite club!

Slow and steady may not win the race but I’m super happy that my ‘less is more’ approach to the marketplace paid off eventually, haha.

Creating an Envato account 4 years ago was a fantastic decision. I’ve made some good friends, won a couple of competitions and earned some $$$ along the way. Thanks a lot Envato!!

So happy to be one step closer to the Vegemite! I’m looking forward to another great 4 years!




Congratulations, great achievements.

What a week indeed! Congrats on becoming elite, happy birthday and a warm welcome for your daughter :smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Congrats on all the good news! Both the daughter and making elite! :smile:

Congratulations on all three achievements!

Congratulations on all of your big events this week - especially the birth of Olive!! :tada:

@Music2Sync, congrats! It’s really amazing news! Now you Elite father! :sunglasses::+1:

Haha, I’ll have to remind my wife of this every now and then. Cheers guys!

Congratulations! @Music2Sync :tada: