O purchase Attorna Child I can not modify the side wrapper contents

In theme forest - I purchased ATTORNA CHILD (for lawyers)I need to modify the pre-built page.I have started —with Family Immigration. LINK: https://tillsimmigrationlaw.com/corporate-securitues/. I will change the link. It is not an issue​. The left sidebar is a mystery. I tried my best with my computer skills and know how. It baffles the mind. As a former programmer, I can figure a lot out. I am at a stand still. I have scoured the menu selections and went everywhere I could go for a resolution to no avail. I need to modify the information in the left hand side of the template-page. [ I do not have my purchase code. I went to look up the purchase code and all my purchases have been erased. Last lookup -all my purchases were there ] I can still login to my account “Irminator” ismy user ID.

You may need to activate the theme first to access the all parts.