Nursery Rhymes songs on AJ and new rules in Upload section

Hi there! =)

Yesterday, I’m uploaded a new track to the queue. Song is called - The Finger Family. It’s a very old english Nursery Rhymes song (like a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old Macdonald, etc…).

Now, I have some questions:
Can I sell this track in AJ? And… What I need write now in the new rows (upload section) - Composer & Publisher? As far I know, the authors of these songs is a - people’s world folk.

So far, the track is placed in the queue…


The new Composer and Publisher fields are optional. They are there as PRO information. Since the composition is not yours, you’re not going to register it with a PRO and thus do not need to fill these fields.

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Thank you! I’m understand. And what about the first question? Can I use, for commercial purposes in AJ, music like a Nursery Rhymes or other world folk songs…?

If it is public domain, yes you can indeed :slight_smile:

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Thank you! =)