Number of sales and search ?

I’m Gold-Tiger on Audiojungle
If you do a search for the word Meditation - in this list there is my track Meditation. And in the search list under the track writes 24 sales.

But if you go into the profile and see - at the track of sales 25.

Why does this happen? The last time this track was bought on June 19, ----- now on June 27.

What has been updated for so long?

Does it affect the position of the track on the search list???

Just that someone bought this track and the sales counter now shows the correct 26 sales.

Miracles …


Sales count in search is updated everyday at midnight Melbourne Time. Whereas sales count on your profile page gets updated right away.

EDIT: sorry had misread the end of your first post. Yes, it’s weird it hadn’t updated until then.