Number of Licenses

I see there are some free wordpress templates like:

But every time I download the same file, I find a different license code.


My question is it when I want to use the template on 5 blogs then I have to download the file 5 times to get a license for each of my blogs?

And 1 more question. I’m using Kutak template on my web [Link removed], does that mean I can’t use it again on the new blog?

All uses require unique licenses but you might need to check with support about how many times you can download/use the free themes as I think it is only one license per user

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So, there’s no point in me downloading 1 file many times, because still I only have 1 license, right?

Please don’t delete the link I included, I used the Kutak template on the blog I listed above.

Can I not apply the template to a new blog?

I am not 100% sure and you would need to ask support if you can download/use the free theme multiple times or if the license is restricted to one time per user ​(it certainly used to be).

You can certainly add other copies to your cart still which would definitely allow use on multiple sites.

There’s no need to link to your website here and external links are discouraged to prevent forums being mis-used

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