Number of items of the same author on the same search result page

I don’t understand how can you have so much items of the same author (sometimes 5 or more in a row ??!!) in the same result page. Wouldn’t it be more fair to limit that to one author by page ???


Multiple items created by the same author are likely to use similar conventions and wording when it comes to titles, descriptions and keywords… so it’s probably more likely you’d get two items by one author on the same page, then two items by different items. The main reason that doesn’t usually happen is just down to numbers.

One item per author, per page? Then they’d be purposefully hiding a relevant item from the search results… I can’t see that going down too well. Maybe when somebody visits your portfolio, Envato could add in a bunch of items from other authors to the list, to make it fair for everybody?

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My first try with “bright uplifting succes” everybody put those words in corporate tracks…

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It’s because you spelled “succes” wrong. And so did that author. It’s spelled “success”. :wink:


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Why the SEO choose this ? those are common words in keywords of thounsands tracks…how much do you need to find it strange and unfair ? Two pages of the same author in a row ? Don’t you think it would be better to favor variety of authors to allow customers to discover different ways of working and give a chance to more people ?

No, it would be better to favor the items that meet the criteria that is being searched for. If I’m searching on Google for restaurants that specialise in crocodile meat, I don’t want to see taxi companies that specialise in cabs with velvet seats… just to ‘give them a chance’.


Nah, those aren’t popular phrases. Who searches for “happy joy smiling” or for “presentation bright corporate”?

Of course it can happen that someone will use those keywords together from time to time. But it doesn’t mean, that whole search engine isn’t efficient!

And what would you recommend? Deleting results of one author? But what about niches like “fallout soundscape game”? Recently I have been using those tags in tracks which are made in Fallout style. Imagine someone looking for that mood. His search results shouldn’t be partial.

What are popular phrases according to you ?

Yo refuse to understand : the hundred tracks on the next pages have the same keywords and they still come later ! Your example is out of topic : it is as if you had 10 restaurants specialised in crocodile meat but having the same owner founded in first results, and then several restaurants also specialised in crocodile meat coming 4 pages later…

Check the Weekly Top Sellers for the popular phrases.

I know what you are trying to say, but I still don’t think the results page should be limited to one item per author. That means some tracks could never be found unless the buyer guessed that there might be something else like that in the portfolio.

I would search for “smiling” if I want a picture or video of someone smiling. It’s not as relevant for music. Terms like happy, joyful, and upbeat would be more common.

I do agree that the search engine could be improved quite a bit, but concentrate on what you can change instead - make more music.

To be honnest, i though a lot of which strategy to choose. To try to understand how it works : I asked myself : how would i organise things if i ruled this kind of plateform ? I would give a quality/artistic/commercial note on each track while submission and and make sure that seo will classify items on these criteria to show the best products i have to my customers. So instead of making lots of medium tracks i’ve tried to make best quality track i could and when we favor quality over quantity it’s hard to create hundred of tracks each month…I’ve spent more time on my last tracks and i think now their quality are not so much inferior to some high selling tracks in the same category (even if i now i still have progress to make) and despite that they are still invisible. So i don’t know what to do now, this work took me a lot of time. Should i f…k with AJ and make the same track in other keys changing only few notes to create the more tracks i can to be visible ?

Yes, but it’s the same for everyone. When you have tens of thousands of competitors this is something you must accept.

You are 6 years late to the party unfortunately. Everyone thinks the same as you: “why doesn’t my track become a best seller?”.

6 years ago any OK corporate track would sell 5-10 times in the first week, and you only needed 8 sales to make the top list. Now you need 23.

i don’t want my track to be a best seller, but just to have more than 1 sale when the quality is good for customers.

Yes, everybody wants that. But if they find what they need in the top list, why do they need your track? Even if it’s good?

And good “quality” is subjective once you get past the basic technical quality (mixing/mastering). It must fit to a project.

If a customer needs something specific, a bell at 00:30, breakdown at 00:42, and climax at 1:24, they will buy a track that has that, even if the “quality” is lower than another track.

If they don’t need something specific, anything in the top list will work. That’s why they’re in the top list, because they are generic (and easy to edit) and work with thousands of different projects.

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Ok thank you for your help ! where can i find weekly top sellers/popular phrases ?

In the Weekly Top Sellers page. I meant the titles of those tracks.