NRGNetwork - Responsive Social Network WordPress Theme

I bought the product NRGNetwork - Responsive Social Network WordPress Theme and I get the following message.

Previously I had bought the same product but for bootstrap, but I never got to install it, this time I bought the wordpress product and I can not install it
your help please !!


This error appears when your server rejects the uploaded file, usually because it was too large, or your web server ran out of memory. Here are some different ways you can fix the error and install your theme:

1. Verify that you are uploading the correct file

When downloading your theme from the downloads page, you will be presented with multiple options. Be sure to select the “Installable WordPress file only” version and upload that file into WordPress.

2. Install with the Envato Market plugin

Envato Market now has an official WordPress plugin which can install your themes in a single click. If you are not experienced with FTP, this is the easiest and fastest way to get your theme running.

  1. Download the plugin from:
  2. Upload and activate the plugin on your website.
  3. Click “Envato Market” in the WordPress sidebar.
  4. Under “Global OAuth Personal Token,” click the “generate a personal token” link.
    • You may be prompted to sign in with your Envato Market account.
    • Do not uncheck any of the checked options, the proper permissions have been chosen for you.
  5. Scroll down and check the box that you have read and agree to the terms.
  6. Click the “create token” button and copy the code.
  7. Return to the plugin page on your WordPress dashboard, paste the code, and click save.

If you see a blank page or internal server error when installing a theme through this plugin, then contact your web host. There is likely a memory limit being hit and they will need to increase it.

3. Upload manually with FTP or cPanel

If your web host uses cPanel or you have experience with FTP, you can upload the theme manually. The official WordPress website has instructions for both of these methods:

4. Contact your web host

Your web host will need to determine what part of the install process is being limited and increase the limit so that you can install the theme through the WordPress dashboard. Contact their support and let them know you are having problems uploading the theme. Be sure to tell them the size of the file you are trying to upload.

If you have access to server settings or are working on a local server, you can try changing some PHP options yourself in the php.ini file:

  • Set both post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to be larger than the theme file.
  • Ensure memory_limit is generous (256M is recommended).


Hello, thank you very much for your response

I have installed WordPress on localhost and this is where I am trying to install the theme


May I know the php version are you using in your localhost?
please follow the above point 1. and also
Please check this helpful Theme Installation guide article:


PHP version 7.3.1

please open wp-config.php at root of wp and check the following line. if there 128M please make it 256M

If not found that line please add this line at top.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

I have added the changes but the problem continues59

when are you getting the error? at the time of theme installation or when you browse any page?

I have not been able to add the theme yet, it has not let me install19

please for localhost copy the theme zip in wp-content > themes folder then unzip. Then go to wp-admin > Dashboard > Appearance > themes and active the theme.

When downloading your theme from themeforest be sure to select the “Installable WordPress file only” version.


Thank you!!

It is already solved:sonriendo:

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