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Hello everyone !
Has anyone worked with NRG - AGENCY ? This is an agency that collects neighbouring rights royalties. Can I have problems with Audiojungle, Identify and BMI due to registering my portfolio with NRG - AGENCY ? As far as I understand, the neighbouring rights royalties tracked by NRG - AGENCY do not overlap with the interests of PRO, Identify and Audiojungle.
I will be grateful for any information. I would not like to fall into paranoia, but caution will not be superfluous.

I am thinking about registering with them (right now I am registered in Polish STOART which has very poor efficiency). It will not conflict with AJ or BMI or CID.

They actually collect money so everybody should register with them or any similar neighbouring rights society. Usually such royalties are much lower than PRO performance royalties, this is why it is not popular YET.


Thank You very much for the answer ! Could You answer me one more question ?
I am currently trying to register with BMI as an composer in order to register my AJ portfolio. Should I position myself not only as an author, but also as a publisher, in order to receive all 100% royalties? Will there be any problems with Audiojungle ? who is the publisher in this case ?

No. Generally you do not need to register as a publisher. HOWEVER PROs in the US do not collect mechanical royalties (e.g. many PROs in the Europe collect them (!) ). So you should think how to get mechanicals. I would chose SongTrust to get them, eventually MLC. Mechanicals are usually much smaller then performance but bigger than neighbouring.


I rarely come here, I only come here when I have some good news that involves having sold a license, which is a rare thing as I moved away from this business method a few years ago. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for me. Now let’s get straight to the point, NRG…
Well, NRG asks for 160€ flat fee per year to be deducted from your neighbouring rights earnings + 15% of your yearly income from the same roys… make your math and see if it’s a good deal for you. Each one knows abt their own business…
I live from royalties, writer’s and publishing royalties.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH NRG: I’m with them for about 3 years now and, despite having given them MANY tracings from TuneSat, royalty statements from my PRO (BMI) and cue sheets from my publishers, until now I got $0.00.
They don’t pay roys quarterly, like most of royalty collectors do, instead they pay (If they will ever do, I can’t tell it yet), twice a year.

Just a snippet of the last email I received from them some days ago that is exactly the same copy/paste I received every 6 months since I’m with them:

“We have now processed our second royalty distribution for 2023 and wanted to give you some updates on how your collections are going.
We have not collected any royalties for you yet, but this does not mean there is no money for you.
It takes time for societies to process your registrations and start paying out.
Both retroactive and new collections will come continuously over the coming periods, and we will send a new update in February 2024.”

So, it’s up to you to embark in that boat… Good luck!


I had two video calls with them and I had a very positive impression.

They told me about the yearly fixed costs and their share.

They also told me they collect neighbouring rights for a specific set of countries, so we went through all my PRO statements line by line checking which ones were television usage from those specific countries and they gave me an estimation of the neighbouring rights I was missing.

They said the margin was too little for me so they were the ones suggesting me to wait to subscribe to them otherwise I would have burnt the majority of the rights to pay the yearly fee.

They told me these rights last for several years so they suggested me to keep monitoring my statements in those countries.

Super transparent and honest, I might say. :+1:

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