Now yes my design is better that before (french fries packaging) pls feedback.

ok, take your time and do your best :slight_smile:

Hey @n2n44

"then introduce a red color bullet under the ingredients and nutrition facts, then these texts to white color. "

I do not want the text color white because difficult to read. can I use the color black or brown?

this is sort of ok but plainer … the red bullet is sort of a red rectangle , mean to be placed, in this case under ingredients and nutrition info

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Ok thank you I will to fix :slight_smile:

Now yes

With respect this is a perfect example of rushing for submission and becoming dependent on others rather than investing time in building relevant experience.

You are clearly just waiting for instructions to follow, or a check list of things to do, rather than understanding the what, how, and why of designing for this genre.

  • There’s far too much copy in the main text for packaging, and it is too wide.

  • You need multiple layouts (assuming the mockup packet is original?), to add tangible value beyond what could very easily be found online for free

  • Food packets do not bullet point their ingredients list

  • What packaging would have “more…” in their ingredients list?

  • The hierarchy is questionable

  • None of the fonts on the back match the front


A question…
Is a document measuring 2.953 “x 3.63” ok with 300 dpi CYMK?

Technical questions are better answered by @n2n44

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Thank you :slight_smile: I am waiting n2n44 reply me.

hi Jeri, dimensions are ok no matter what as long as u respect technical requirements (trimline and safety zone) but u have to try to choose relevant ones all the same according to the category. i am not an expert in packaging, i have dome some a bit throughout the years but this is not a real expertise that i have all the same. Check what other guys are choosing as dimensions , this is the best way to do in my view

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i used to tell her some of these things, the problem is that she is not super proficient in english and often has trouble to understand what we mean , so that she does not manage to fix things as expected

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Thank you so much, I understand u.