Now that's the Second time !

I had some rejections last months but i understand the reason of those,
I have another hard rejection and i cant figure out why??
with 10+ days review time this just not cool !
Also this is one of my best tracks here ! Full commercial value and mix wise!
Need your feedback

Drive Rebel preview

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Hi Nick!

Well this is certainly a mystery to me. The track is great, the mix is good. There isn’t really much I could say to improve it other than maybe brighten up the high end. Though I’m sure this wasn’t the reason for a rejection. I’d contact help and get them to resolve it. Might’ve been a mistake like the last time :wink:


already contacted brother ! but the review time is like more than 5 days for envato help !
i am so confused with that rejection ! this track is even better from the other two “mistaken” rejected

I’m confused too, mate. Let’s hope they respond quickly. They were lightning fast for me yesterday.

i need specifics brother on the high end!
you mean full channel master eq? because thats the way i usually mix !

I can’t really tell very well because of the SoundCloud compression. Maybe try uploading a high-quality track to SC. It’s probably fine, but the bit-rate compression makes it sound less crisp.

Hold on, I think I know what it is. From 0:42 onwards, there are some timing issues with the kick drum, and at 0:54 there is some unpleasant dissonance. That is probably the reason for rejection,

no thats not a reason for hard reject ! 0:42 its after the fill in drums ! 0:54 cant see anythin !
and still they can fixed if soft reject ! its midi msec move issue !

thats what they said in the rejection!
This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard

This is a general statement that can cover many things. I think the rejection is likely down to the off-time bass drums or guitar at 0:42 onwards and the dissonant chord at 0:54.

yeah i get what you mean ! but i still think that is like 1 minute issue can be fixed on protools !

Sometimes AJ reviewers can hard reject even for small things that can be changed. The reasons for soft reject are usually clipping or wrong audio file format.

anyways my opinion is that this track wasnt supposed to be rejected !
that discouraged me alot ! especially with that low sales on october!

Had a few rejects myself lately. Also with the general statement. Didn’t put it in the forum because I had to let the steam that was coming out of my ears (from all the lost hard work) settle. Especially because it could have been an easy to fix problem, where I didn’t get any feedback. Got really discouraged. So I’m not sure I’m the right person to help, but that said:
I think the slightly off time drums, but maybe also the change from 0:28 and the timing of the fill/break at 0:40.

yeah maybe the end of the fill doenst really fit perfectly there ! but you have those issues in production!
still these days you can provide like a million different ways with digital production ! dont know where else to focus on !
of course you settle ! i did with a lot of rejection !
i tried to compose classical track and rejected ! maybe i am bad at this ! but rock man ! i write rock like 15 years now !

Yeah your good at it ! Maybe stick to that core? Maybe AJ has thoughts about marketing authors in a certain area? I have high hopes for a few tracks that are in queue now (within my core). Think they are really good and have great commercial value. That’s always the issue: commercial potential. But you never know…

good luck man ! i think i’ll stick in that area but as you see i have more like this rejected!
let hope that things will get better for all of us !

@JamesVMusic how long did they take to support review?

For a copyright concern it was about 12 hours. I don’t know how long it would take for a review question, but I imagine less than the 5 days you said it would be.

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Personally, I could do without the organ. The track is much better when it’s just the guitars riffing away. The synth part is also a bit random since it never appears again.

I would not double the riff with the organ, since it makes it sound much more “midi” that way. If you must have organ in there I would use it more as a pad, laying down longer notes.

Other than that, nice track! Could need a bit more “shine” and I would use a different snare, higher in pitch, but that might just be down to personal taste.

*By the way, tag your threads with “audio” or it will get lost really fast.

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