Now I will keep posting work on YouTube !!!

Hey !
Thanks for helping !
And I thought about how to implement it , thank you ))):grin:

If it’s a bunch of tracks on one Youtube channel, using the same template… then I’d consider it part of a series of music videos… so I think up to 52 uses over a year should be fine. I’d say that was a ‘series’, but I guess it’s not always easy to nail down exactly what is and what isn’t.

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Hi! No, I’m just now waiting to update the workstation, cause it renders quite long with my current PC. THough it looks quite simple - it has a bunch of blur FXs all over circle.

Clear )
You have it , don’t stop !
This is a very good opportunity to promote any product , if the correct approach .
And if referral links to add , all space .

Yeah! I got the same hint recently from one guy on SoundCloud and added the refferal ending to all my links there. Hope to get to YouTube soon too :slight_smile: Good luck with the sales! Boos, boost, boost!!! :slight_smile:
I was thinking if I could upgrade my tamplates and upload them to Videohive or something, too :smiley: hahaaa
Cause it really has only one free side plug-in and the rest is made with basic AE plugs…
Have you checked how many views do you receive from YouTube? Cause I have too few of them yet to make any statistics, and wonder how effective it is.

Great videos! And your music is really cool! I wish you all the best and huge and famous projects to use your tracks! :slight_smile:Good luck to everyone, guys!

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Thank you very much !:sunglasses:
So far, I have not very many views , so little video . :smirk:
When will more videos and then start a thread hits , I believe .:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great channel!
I will be subscribing right away and you’re welcome to sub to mine!

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thx bro !
subscribed )))

So you are promoting your music on Youtube as “copyright free?” Seriously? As an author you, of all people, should be aware of the difference between copyright and royalty-free. Also, it was already pointed out to you by @AbnormAudio.

With this false claim, you are not only damaging your own work and confusing potential customers but also adding to the general confusion out there regarding “royalty-free”, which all authors suffer from. You should therefore remove any “copyright-free” claims.

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Such a shame!

@WildLion_Production, you do realize that you are lying to your potential buyers, right? Why do you do that? What are you trying to achieve?

As @FirstNote stated, these false claims damage us all, and this coming from an author is a really low blow.

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To be honest, I did not think about it, I’ll fix it, and change as correctly.
And I advise you not to scatter words (Such a shame), What happend ? some died ? and there is nothing catastrophic, since I started this for an experiment, I did not know what would happen (a couple of views).

Cheating potential buyers, spreading misinformation and confusion and devaluating the work of this community is a shame, even if nobody died.

I corrected the errors and entered the correct description

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