Now Hard Reject

Dear colleagues, I would like to hear your opinion.

Tell me directly - my artwork is garbage or not?
Hard rejections constantly pursue my work … I can not understand the trend of the rejections … I think it’s biased attitude inspector. 8 past logos were simply rejected …

Your feeback please!


hi well i will tell you extcly how i feel about your creations, as expected, i always speak a piece of my mind anyway and i really like most of the things u showed, for me the best one is glum coco and i like the pizza one too, now i think the first one is fair but i don’t manage to identify what this is but i have something disturbing me a bit with this one …maybe the use of red partly … . in my case , i see different types of problems indeed with what u showed here. The Glum one, is needing a bit more work on the typo and believe me that’s not an option to come with a simple typo here, and most of guys have their works rejected because of this. Then the pizza one, did u see what name u have chosen?! lol u’ll get right issues and get rejected every time lol. Otherwise, u have a problem of font combination, the main one is matching well and so on, unlike the one of the tag, which is not matching either with the illustration, nor the name of the company …