Novice web builder

I am new to theme forest. I am trying to pick a template for a wedding. A few questions:

  1. If I am using Word Press do I have to have it be Word Press compatible?
  2. I see a lot of templates for the brides am I able to use them for my business website or is it set up only for brides?
  3. If it says it offers 6 pages do I have to use them all? If it has a blog page do I have to use it?


Welcome to Envato, or more specifically, Themeforest (as you’ve mentioned it).

1.) If you’ve a website with WordPress, than yes, it’s best to stay with WordPress themes.

Unless you’re comfortable developing those static templates into a WordPress theme.

From the sounds of it, I do not believe that’s an option right now so stick with themes for WordPress.

2.) You can buy templates/themes and use them for whatever your mind can imagine.

We’ve bought themes for clients and developed them in ways far from the demonstrations use.

You could buy a theme for Fitness and use it for Gaming or vice versa.

Depending on your capabilities, in most scenarios, a theme can be considered as a building foundation. It’s the framework you’ll use to piece together your website. Maybe you enjoy a certain theme for it’s unique layout, but you’re not a big fan of it’s color scheme or themed niche. You can change that to whatever you can imagine and it truly being your only limitation; your imagination.

So if you want to buy a Brides website and use it for a Sports club site, by all means, go for it!

However if you’re looking for simplicity and convenience, buying one themed for your purpose may be the easiest solution in your moving forward without a lot of struggle. Again, it’s entirely up to your imagination.

3.) If the theme/template demonstration only previews 6 pages, than that’s all the pages they’ve pre-built. Those pages will likely come as demo content when you buy that theme. They’re pre-made laid out page layouts / ideas that you can use in moving forward after your purchase.

HOWEVER, this does not mean you’re limited to those 6 pages. That’s all the author decided to demonstrate. If you want to create additional pages, by all means, go for it. If you’re using WordPress, then use the page editor to create new pages and those will appear as you construct them. If using an HTML template, simply save the page file (usually .html) as a new page name (ie., started as about.html and now created a second copy, services.html). It will vary based on the type of website you’re building (ie., WordPress, HTML, Drupal, etc).

Hope this helps.

Where is the set up documentation for what I purchase? I am unable to start making this my own on WordPress. I have it uploaded but there is nothing that has set up instructions. I tried to contact the author but no response from him. I am wasting a lot of time having issues with this. Please help or I will want to get a refund. Is there any way I can get live support?
Thank you, Naomi

The documentation.html is what I am looking for. I can’t make any changes on WordPress. I can’t go to “theme options”. What my Host has told me he sees that it is downloaded but since I can’t get into “theme options” I can’t do anything!

I’m pretty certain you can do all the things it’s intended to, just don’t know how :slightly_smiling:

Envato does not approve themes that do not work.

Instead of using the forums here on Envato, I strongly recommend you check with the author.

I don’t know what theme you bought, but go back to the theme details and there are comments in it.

Only you can know which theme you purchased unless you state otherwise but a quick search on for the theme title and you should be able to find it quite easily.

These forums are not intended for buyer support. You need to contact the theme author for that.

Likely 100% of your issues will be resolved after reading the documentation and contacting their support.

I looked into the theme that I purchased and it has not been updated for 2 years. I already sent in a request to the author and have not heard back. Also I received this in an email: Missing Blob for item 582932 What does that mean?