Notifications for theme updates


Is it possible to receive a notification when a theme is updated for themes that are not purchased?

For example, if I see a theme I like, but want to wait for the next release due to compatibility issues, is there a way to know when the author releases an update?

If I add the theme as a Favorite, will that do it?


No it won’t work - the functionality is not there at the moment

That’s too bad.

It would be great to have the Favorite list have additional features like notification of any changes or updates to the themes added to the list.

Oh well. Thanks for the reply. Cheers.


I think you will get notification if author update his theme and he select this check box Send a notification to buyers when this update is approved.


That’s assuming you are a buyer. I was hoping a notification would be provided even if you are not. Like for example, if I added the theme to my Favorites list or if there was a way to subscribe to theme notifications some other way.