Notification when people comment on your item

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At first I hope you and your family are in good health and doing well, we will overcome this situation together!

I have a question!

Is it somehow possible that if anyone comments on one of your items you get an email, like the email you get when someone rates your template.

I know that you get an email when your comment receives a reply but not if there’s a new comment.

Is that possible, or does this option don’t exist yet?

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Just enable it in the Settings - Email Settings

comments notofications works well,
but cant say same about when someone bought your item. no any emails about it.

Just keep checking videohive like 10 times a day! :joy: Although seriously, I think I have this addiction… send help pls

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There are many apps that give you sale notifications. Look around the forums or the app stores.

you realy think that I have to use 3rd party apps to know when I made a sale on Envato ? are you serious ?
I can hire a programmers for free to make this option on Envato.
I think, Envato had to have OWN application a long time ago…

Envato has API. It’s official “connection” between Envato data and 3rd party apps. In other words, those apps can’t store your login and password, because connection is made through API.
Through you can track all apps and revoke access any time.

If you afraid that somebody will use your data in own interest… Just go on GitHub there are some open source apps. You can look through code and make sure that there is no any spy modules inside.

For paranoiac. You can create you own app using this guideline

you didnt get me.
Im not afraid about API.
I just think that Envato could have OWN App. And it can be the best App in the world, based on Users wishes and Envato abilities.



you don’t have to use the perfectly fine solution I had for your problem.
And if you can hire a programmer “for free” to make this on envato then go ahead, do it. Oh yeah, you cannot cause you don’t work at envato…

Then maybe hire your programmer “for free” to create a super duper app for everyone here to enjoy, for free?
Will wait for your great sales notification app to pop up in the app stores the next few days.

“Are you serious?”

Gosh, people these days…

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Thank you buddy :slight_smile: