Notice the reception of the items!!!!



Hello everyone!

I want to let the Envato team know about the problem that they may not notice, and ask the question not only from myself, but also from a large number of my Russian-speaking colleagues with whom I communicate.
We are all authors in the market of video Files, and this issue concerns the reception of templates for After Effects and Premiere Pro.
Firstly I find it strange the fact that the supervision of these categories involved only 2 people, and at the moment all one. Are there so few really cool guys among the authors who could help the market to step forward?
But the most important thing I want to say is that at the moment the situation with the reception of templates in General is abnormal. A huge number of really worthy authors, many of whom (including me) are elite authors, with extensive experience, and understanding of the market is now a solid hard rejected. Including on a very decent work.
I can not know about the others,but in the Russian-speaking community of authors is now very strong excitement on this topic, and many are forced to resort to removing their items from the queue for verification, waiting for the time when the second inspector returns. The fact that at the moment a huge number of authors depends on the subjective opinion of one person seems to me very strange.
In conclusion, I want to remind you that Envato is not just a website where people can show their skills - it is primarily a commercial market, and many authors feed their families on the income from the sale of templates. And this process is mutual. Dear Envato team-your income from one of the most living market segments now depends on the subjective opinion of one person. And a large number of people now have good reasons to doubt his competence, and the quality of the work he performs. Think about it, please.

The rest of the authors-how do you do?

With the hope that everything will be fine and with respect to colleagues and team Envato,


I’m also Russian speaking author. And also feed my family.
And I already told one guy who doubt competence of reviewer:

If you want to doubt the professionalism of reviewer. Envato should also doubt all your approvals, that was made by this reviewer. Because if he is not professional, how can Envato believe that all your works deserve approval. :wink:

Next, people always complain and don’t want to see their faults. If author produce only simple slideshows and flat title animations, and his products look pretty the same, who is guilty here? Market is oversaturated with such items. Thousands of similar slideshows. One day it must be over. And it would be for the best for all of us.
Create original product, don’t copy other works and you will never be rejected.


This template was rejected yesterday, is it too simple? (


I’m also Russian speaking author. And also feed my family.
And I’ve also seen a lot of quality work over the last two days that has been rejected. I believe that such a drastic change is due to the reviewer’s subjectivity. I also ask that Envato team pay attention .
I also do not agree with the decision of the reviewer and I am convinced that this work is worthy of the Envato market.


It’s not simple. It’s similar to other your works.
This 3 items from your portfolio have the same lens flare effect on the beginning, you don’t change anything.

So in some case it’s simple. You copy and paste some parts of your previous projects and create new. You use old idea, old effects, old design, change animation (but keep the style of it), change a little bit look, and done!

And I don’t want to argue with you. I just said my opinion and leave this thread. Bye!


Goodbye, and I want to remind you that we are working on the market, not an exhibition of original works! There is also no point in creating new glare, they will not be different from the old!


Yes, it’s market, but not Soviet Union market :wink: Glare is only example.


And I think that for such blatant theft should be ban


There’s a common misconception that Elite status grants automatic approval for all submissions. The fact is, all submissions are reviewed in the same manner, whether you’ve achieved Elite status or not. The only thing Elite status shows is that you’ve proven yourself to be capable of producing top-quality work that should regularly exceed quality standards and minimal expectations.

As an author, it’s incredibly important never take a rejection personally, and try to understand the reason for why the item wasn’t accepted. Projects are never rejected with any ill will or intentions. Templates are simply reviewed on a number of predefined technical and aesthetic criteria, and nothing more.


@3uma thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate.


I have clarified about the elite author only to say I have enough experience to understand what the customer needs, the number of sales of my old slideshow is proof of this. And if we talk about the simplicity of execution, I can give a huge number of examples of already accepted works that are even more forgiving!


Hi! I worked on the design myself, but at some point I was saw work 3uma. So the end result was similar to his project. I didn’t want to offend his feelings as a designer, but the project was completely developed by me.
I’m glad I can ask in person, I’ve worked on the project for a long time and want to know why it’s not worthy to be on the Envato market. Thank you!


I’d like to tell you a story that made me doubt the professionalism of the reviewers. My template before the last one got approved. It’s an Element 3D project. Some time in the future a client sent me an e-mail telling me that the main 3D model is missing(a ball which rotates and the logo gets revealed). I had a look and it was true. I sent him the model and everything was alright. He even wrote a positive comment for reacting and helping him out immediately. I had forgotten to put it in my Assets folder. I updated the .zip file by including the ball. This is, of course, my fault for the inconvenience I had caused the client but at that moment I thought “What the heck did the reviewers even review?” Instead of getting a soft-rejection and e-mail telling me that an asset is missing my project was approved only because the reviewers were impressed by the preview video and not actually doing a thorough inspection of the project. I mean after the files getting re-linked it was obvious that the ball was not there. It wasn’t something that was hard to notice.


@rafidola You’d be shocked to know that we sometimes happen to miss things, no matter how obvious. It’s tough being human! :joy:


Understanding what the customer needs is certainly very important, but from a marketplace standpoint, maintaining current levels of design standards and quality expectations is also vital.


What would you suggest?


My opinion envato should think about increasing the number of reviewers, so that there are no situations where the preferences of one person influenced such a large part of the envato market.


Art and design are always subjective, no matter the country you´re from. Because of that subjectivity every item should be reviewed by more than 1 person with 1 only subjective point of view. Anyway, I don´t know about 1 only reviewer, is that so? If it is so, my humble opinion is that it shouldn´t be happening inside such a large marketplace. For example, if you have 4 reviewers and 3 say approved and 1 says rejected, so it should be approved, or vice versa.


The VH review team is comprised of several members.


Excellent. That´s why I asked “Anyway, I don´t know about 1 only reviewer, is that so?”, because of what original poster wrote. @MotionRevolver I think you should have an assistant, it must be hard to review items and answer topics :wink::grin: