Nothing but silence

Hi there,

I’ve uploaded 3 items for about a couple of weeks and then… nothing but silence. The items just vanished from the review queue after 12 or 14 days (I don’t remember exactly) and that’s all. I checked my emails, my spam etc but not even a message giving any explanation.

After 2 years of membership, I find this a little strange. No such thing happened before. Any feedback, someone?

That happenned to @WildLion_Production.
But i don´t know if was resolved.

Did you checked your hidden item page ?

Yes I did :wink:

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Hope they fix this

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Eventually I received 3 rejection notifications. “Thanks” to the reviewers who appear not to be fans of my work. I wander if this is worth going on uploading on AudioJungle since the result is a matter of individual taste and nothing else. I begin to get tired of these subjective decisions and I will look around in order to find out some more welcoming platforms.

Thanks to the creators who have been talking to me here :slight_smile:

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Don’t give up! No! To improve the quality. Acknowledge the needs of the jungle.

I experienced more than two years membership which I guess gave me enough time to understand the needs of the jungle or at least customers needs. I’ve posted various types of music sorted in collections that happened to catch their interest.

I also get a deviation. here all have them. even the most popular authors. You better worry for what you have for 2 years with 144 sales. This means that you need to change direction. You write too complicated music. do easier. “Banjo Django Gipsy Wink” Why such a difficult solo? you not for two years, never heard of the concept of". “music takes the listener’s attention” this music is safely possible to release on vinyl… I Hope my point is clear good luck.

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hi guys ! the track that disappeared from my dashboard , now booted normally ! I don’t know what it is , but it was uploaded ! and I not wrote to in support )

Wonders !!!