Note to theme developers: PLEASE STOP using Fancybox, Prettyphoto, etc.



Please can anyone give me a list of themes that are using BETTER options such as Photoswipe? ( ) or simple lightbox ( ).

Both of these options are better, and there is NO reason to use outdated lightboxes that are bloated and not touch friendly.

A large majority of viewers are going to be viewing your sites on mobile phones, and touch is considered standard now, like it or not. This is 2016 and touch/swipe enabled galleries should be standard, not the outdated fancybox built decades ago.

So if anyone could please find me some wordpress themes that incorporate photoswipe as the default gallery plugin instead of fancybox or prettyphoto, i would greatly appreciate it.


Hello i have used once photoswipe in my word press theme , but i have removed now


Ok great, thanks but that doesn’t help me. And you aren’t a wordpress developer.

I’m speaking to all the thousands of wordpress themes out there which are super bloated with features and none of them touch friendly, the most basic feature when it comes to functionality.

If anyone can point me to a minimalist theme that uses photoswipe I will be immensely grateful.

All themeforest themes have become bloated to try and appeal to everyone as the ‘one theme for all’ and i’m just tired of seeing these crappy, overly bloated themes full of large javascript files and themes with 80 requests, its just absurd.


when i started ilmosys photos, i have used but now i have removed , and i have team for development , which type of help you need, i did’t understand, please explain


Hi, i think in this theme used photo swipe ,


I have seen that theme, but is there really just ONE theme on all of themeforest that is using photoswipe?


99% yes friends


Most of our themes are using Photoswipe :slight_smile:


Better to use these latest ones.


PhotoSwipe is great if you have images, but if your user wants to use video, text or something else, that doesn’t help much…


Hi Luckkky,
My latest theme comes with built-in Photoswipe. Contact me via my profile page contact form if you have any questions.