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Hello. I am sound recordist and sound designer with MA in Audiovisual Arts. Professionally, i do movie location recordings, post and a lot of music recordings, mostly chamber music and similar. I do have high quality equipment, and i know how to produce a high quality recording. Also i am video content moderator for big and relevant software and stock company. I do understand stock mentality and quality control levels, but from time to time there are moderation decisions that need to be questioned and i am sure Audio Jungle has ways of contacting and communicating wit it’s moderators. It is completely usual practice. Last night i was rejected for one of the best ( and most sought after) ambiences of quiet urban settings. Four minutes of dense, high quality recording made with top notch equipment and in line with all the practice standards. As a also work in movie sound post production, i know. My question is, how do i complain about this? What would be proper address where i could upload sound and ask supervisors for reasons.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can share the demo here and there are several very experienced AJ authors who might be able to offer comments.

In terms of contacting envato - you can reach out to support but there’s no guarantee that they will provide exact feedback, and the team are currently crazy busy so there is likely to be a bit of a wait. Envato Authors Help and Support


Ok I will do that during the day. Hopefully this topic will stay her by the time i upload the material. Thank you very much for your quick reply.

There’s no reason for the thread to get closed particularly and it doesn’t attack the reviewers - you are just asking for clarity.

I am stone cold deaf and couldn’t be further from the right person to comment on anything related to music or AJ; but I do think it’s worth sharing the demo here when you have time as there are some respected AJ authors who are frequently here.

If nothing else they might be able to give suggestions as to what the reviewer was bothered by.

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Ok. Once again, charlie4282, thank you for your reply. Here is the link. I made a mistake about how long this atmo is, but I’m sure it’s not a problem as i uploaded 2 min ambiences before. This is amb recorded in between residential complex buildings in 450 000 ppl town. Recorded on January 4th, 3pm.
More then often during post production my colleagues and I were looking for ambiences that are not dead silent, not to wide or characteristic (imagine dialogue scene on balcony or in building backyard complex entrance) If this kind of material is not needed anymore on AJ that is ok, just would like to hear and know that. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi Sound_Dispenser, I think the low rumble is too overbearing. It dominates the recording.

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Hey :slight_smile: It is recorded with AB setup / omni polar characteristics mics and that is usually the case when you record quiet afternoon in the big city with omni mics.You always get distant traffic. Using omnis you dont get proximity effect with close sources but if you make them apart at distance at least 1/4 of the wavelenght of the lowest freq you want to capture - it delivers. That is raw recording and general city noise is dominating as the soundscape was like that. There are lots of low freq dominated ambiences out there in movies, videos and similar av products. I do understand what you mean but that couldn’t be the reason for rejection as it not the issue of the recording quality. Anyhow, i am sure someone made decision because was bored with the recording. I can live with that, just needed to see why is that poor quality rec. I will leave it like this as it was accepted on other platform dealing with high quality recordings.
And i sure appreciate your reply! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it was the quality of the recording which was the reason for rejection. I can hear that there’s no noticeable noise floor and the clarity of the close proximity sounds is great. It’s just my opinion, but I think that there isn’t enough happening nearby to make it a particularly interesting ambience. A distant city traffic rumble is one thing, but on your recording, it sounds somewhat amplified. Almost to the point that it sounds like an air extractor or something nearby.
These are just my thoughts about it.
Interesting that you use AB omnis. I might try that in the future. My go-to setup for external wild tracks is a Schoeps CCM 48 paired with a CCM 8 in an MS config. I love it because it’s so tiny, lightweight and inconspicuous. Perhaps I’ll try a pair of omni CCM 2s next time. I quite like the subtlety it offers.


Hey :slight_smile: Yeah, with nature and large spaces i tend to use omnis. I do love MS config for other use. Especially with Schoeps. CCM2’s are beautiful mics and yeah, gotta love CCM8! One of the most impressive mics ever built. Tried few times with CMC5 as mid but more often than not i reach for omnis.
Anyhow i understand your point completely, was thinking this one should come handy for exterior dialogue scenes tho. Must be movie location recording caught up with me… Anyhow i guess that must be the place just sounded the way it did because of the surrounding building complex. It is raw recording, nothing amp’ed or modified. Now I’m intrigued… will do another AB + ORTF just to see what will happen there.

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Actually I must say that in post many times I came to find that a forefront traffic rumble, cleanly recorded and with a well balanced stereo image like this one, can result quite handy, specially when working with noisy boom takes, or when having unwanted background changes bleeding all over the lavs AND boom. That low traffic rumble that could result overbearing by itself, might end up being really helpful glueing together dialogue chunks when there’s no time or budget for dubbing. A less dense ambience, that might sound sweeter on its own, might just not fill in the gaps enough.

Perhaps it’s worth taming the low freqs a bit, re-upload and include a “heavier rumble” version; though 20+ days waiting… what a bore, right?


Exactly, i mean less dense is less dense and this one is overbearing and sometimes it’s just what its needed. And yes i’ve found myself in similar situation in post or was working with directors who wanted ‘loud silence’ and similar stuff. You know. Just wanted to know why. I have lots in line waiting, recorded with different techniques in different places so i don’t think i will bother with this one (and it’s already uploaded on different platform so it cant be exclusive and it is the only mode i’m interested in here)
I really appreciate your responses! Thank you.


Arrrgh yes! You’re right Wormwood! It’s been a while since I’ve had to mix another sound guy’s rushes! It annoys the hell out of me when they don’t provide room tones. It’s even more frustrating when it’s exteriors.


That’s my 9 to 5 at least two or three days a week. So blessed be the glueing background rumbles and iZotope’s suites! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ah yes :partying_face: :smiley:

And yes… room tones… those dreaded words… :smiley: