Not Unlimited

Hello there,
I have just signed up for the Envato unlimited membership but when I try to download audiojungle files I get charged.
How do I get some help on this? There appears to be no help or support for this website.



It sounds like you signed up for Envato Elements, which is completely separate from AudioJungle.

You can browse the music section of Elements here:

Support for Elements can be contacted here:


Thank you so much for that! What a pity! I really only signed up as I was searching on AudioJungle!

When you consider how much ad space on the AudioJungle page is dedicated to selling Elements to anyone surfing on by, it makes total sense that you’d think you’d be purchasing on AudioJungle.


Really sorry to hear that. Sadly the forum is plagued with threads of customers in your exact same situation. That “misunderstanding” is simply the cornerstone and hookbait of Elements promotional strategy.

You’ll find some really cool stuff in Elements, though, and if you can’t quite find what you’re looking you can always browse in AJ.