Not sure what kind of script I'm looking for ...

I want to build a site where you pay for services in advance. Let’s say you have a question box and this payment function. Probably with some satisfaction guarantee, a money-back guarantee.

How can I do this, what kind of script am I looking for?


can you tell me what services you will sell? If you will be middle men you will need escrow function where client will release money for contractor.
All that is not just install and play you will working with money and with that must be careful that will all working smoothly . There is plenty of work and you will need to have some budget. Also you need to have quality hosting not some cheap shared crap .

Thank you Zaccc.

First of all, one part will probably be like this:
The language is Norwegian but hopefully you get the picture. You ask experts certain questions and you pay in advance, but in my case with a satisfaction guarantee.

So you’re guessing I would have to ask someone to make this service?