Not sure envato is for me!

I have built hundreds of Joomla sites and wanted a bit of a template change so tried one of yours.
I find the “shortcodes” really complicated to use and as someone who tries to hand over a new site to my customers in a way that they can easily manage it themselves the shortcodes look so complex to a new user they are scared off and i end up doing everything!

There also appears to be nothing for Joomla users in the forum? No tags anywhere?

Im really frustrated because i like the template i have bought but im struggling with it, why cant i just use classes/styles like on every other system?

Hi @gingerwebltd,

The reason behind the absence of certain tags on forums is because we don’t provide support for any particular item :slight_smile: If you find it difficult to manage your new Joomla theme, all we can suggest is contacting the author for support:


thanks for your quick response, this is obviously the wrong place then.

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Not sure what template you are talking about, but speaking as a Joomla developer, there are many different frameworks (like helix, t3) a theme can use that are either simple or complicated. Then comes in the developer, the way he builds the template may be easy or complicated for the end user.

So what I’m trying to say is that there are many variables to the complexity of a theme. You can’t just buy one theme from here and then judge the other ones based on that single purchase.