Not selling


I suppose I’m one of these people who think it’ll be easy - just upload a few tracks and boom the sales will come rolling in!!!

Well, I guess I’m not the first but it’s been a bit of a wake up call in this regard! Uploaded a few tracks but so far only have one sale unfortunately!

Anyway plan to keep plugging away but if anyone has any words of wisdom it would be appreciated!

hi, well my word of wisdom, here it is … KEEP ON WORKING / FIGHTING, stick to playing music , do your best and sales will come on time; this is no fairy tale here … and a good deal of guys do not realize this do not identify this in the first place, they think that this is kind of a get-rich-quick place but they are wrong. Indeed, except for a handful of guys, this is far form being just that … . I use to tell this, last time i had a look at the dashboard they told me, u are ranked 979 or something like this in GR, but guess what? i am very far from being making a decent living out of my run here … i am just making decent pocket money after two years + spent here , that’s all … . U must not expect to strike big very quick. Instead , u have to think about it this way: u need to pay your dues and earn your stripes and afterwards, sale and money will be better, will start to come in.

Start with working hard, create as many tracks as can possibly do and the best quality too, then upload as often as u can. Actually , if u are uploading scarcely , do not expect many sales when u are starting … . At this stage, u need to get a bit known and noticed, u need to show people that u have quality to offer and this exposure u’ll get , it will not only by uploading on regular basis, but also, out of trying to do some extra work by yourselves. That’s no secret that u can get some sales without doing anything , i am a living proof of it , however, what i can tell you out of experience, that my sales and money have grown better on time out of developing portfolio, out of showing some works in deviantart and now dribbble in other words out of promoting and giving my work some exposure indeed. However, despite all this, u 'll also have to keep in mind that there will be ups and down, according to what people are looking for, what u offer, the period of the year and so on. At times , u may experience lower or upper sales sometimes, what all guys experience anyway … .

Come on, that’s worth sticking to doing your best , u may get noticed, it may open some opportunities and in any case, if nothing of this turns out to happen, this will be extra money that will help you to keep on doing what u like …

Thanks so much - I think excellent advice and you’ve given me a plan that I can stick to and persevere!