Not seen after 9 days


9 days ago’ve uploaded an effect or not yet confirmed the news that the attributes, not me.
Who knows why the long term?


Translation Please :sweat:


hi buddy, i have an item stuck in the queuing for 10 days already so don’t be surprised, revising times are horrible as of late!


I don’t really know what is happening here but it seems everything went down hill. I to this date can’t understand why no more reviewers are being hired… oh well…


lol well maybe because the fees that are taken from us are already huge and that if they had more again all guys will resign! lol


It is a shame for a marketplace this big to have this happen.


u know buddy, a lot of thing that are taking place as of late, i do assume that they happen because there has to be some stories of shareholders and so on, that is to say of people who do not do anything but expect to dark big and always bigger and just like i said, if we want the end of too long waiting and new hirings, i guess that we will have to pay for this … so i am reluctant … between waiting way too lokng especially as christmas and nye are getting closer or having things reviewed a bit more quickly but also having additional fees to already huge ones …