Not seeing "music" category for uploading

Hi I am brand new to audio jungle. Trying to upload on the envato market but not seeing any category for music. What am I doing wrong?

I am logged in and have already filled out all my personal info for my account. Need to upload asap. Please help thanks!

You are trying to upload to ThemeForest, as clearly stated on your screenshot. You should go to instead. Good luck!

Okay thank you I appreciate your help! Still not sure where to go from there though.

I am currently on the website. I’m logged in and clicking on “Start Selling Your Music” and it’s taking to me the Envato website. Every time I fill out the Envato questions, it takes me back to the website.

Can you please tell me where to go on the website to upload my music tracks? Thanks again!

Actually I got it never mind! It’s under dashboard on my profile.