Not seeing any new great items on the community

So I’ve noticed this recently that there are no new eye-popping items on the market, videohive specifically. Do you guys think it’s because of the new tax policy, and authors are not seeing that much advantage of putting alot of work in an item?

I’ve got a video of a lizard sunbathing on a rock in the review queue. It’s in glorious technicolour and eye-popping HD. If that doesn’t say ‘new great item’ then I don’t know what does!


Well there goes my plan for a next file :wink:

@okstudios I don’t know much about the video files for sale here but generally January is a notoriously slow month across the board (people still recovering from Xmas etc.).

Yeah, don;t go getting any sunbathing lizard ideas… I’ve got my eye on you!

My ‘giant centipede’ file is my personal favourite, hopefully that will be up this week. They’re pretty venomous, and quite rapid, so I didn’t really want to risk setting up the shot, but I thought to myself… ask not what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for VideoHive buyers. It’s my motto in life.


Hoping they do a ‘Giant Centipede Most Wanted’ Competition, buyers are crying out for it!

And just when we were looking for stock footage of a millipede! So close :wink:

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