Not same title youtube envato

it’s really complicated used evanto, the creators do not give the same name to their creations according to the platform, I do not understand why… I just took 1 hour to find the song after the youtube

@Pinkzezbra why the name it’s different ?

if you are looking for the music from the title claim youtube, it is IMPOSSIBLE to find it.

Pinkzebra changed the names of his tracks from creative to descriptive, because this is how the search engine on Audiojungle works.

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I do not understand. the title of the song can be the same and the keywords are used for the research envato works like that.

Why does your image say “evanto”? What is this a screenshot of?

Indeed this is how it should work, but no. Titles carry the most weight. We’ve been complaining to Envato about this for about ten years.