Not right for VideoHive? What do you think?

Hey everyone. VideoHive didn’t care for my Clock Maker FCP X plugin. A big seller on my own website. Seems like they’ll take anything called a “title” if it has a square box wiping on and revealing text, but come up with something that’s actually original (given a niche product) and they don’t seem to know what to do with it. Comapanies like pixel filmstudios and and others are selling the heck out of tools like this. It’s a plugin to create a clock in your project. You control every facet of it, plus you control the animation settings and highlight settings. You clan change the faces, use drop zones, change the hand styles, tick marks, colors, bevel, on screen controls, etc. so I don’t see how they can fault it on visual appearance since that is completely controlled by the user. I just thought it would be good to expand my market with one of my products. I was a little blown away at the hard reject! here’s the demo if they let me post it - of course for VideoHive I rebranded it all with no mention of my own website. I’m not registered as exclusive. Guess I should just make the same old stuff everyone does and make 45 titles for FCP X and have them all looks mostly the same. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I actually think simple tools are great. But instead of 45 versions why not have one tool that can create all the different versions and then some? That’s what Clock Maker is. 20 templates plus the plugin to create whatever look/animation you want.