Not receiving support!!!!!!!!!!!

I have paid for the LMS package including the eLearning theme. I am not receiving any support from envato.
it is now day2 and still no feedback. whats the next step. request a refund? how long is that going to take?

Support is provided by the author rather than Envato. Is that who you contacted?

What are the issues you are having?

plugins that came with the package are clashing

please elaborate more specificly so that community can get the concern and can assist you. from where you have bought the package? do you mean you have purchased the theme from themforest? then please tell us the theme name.

That would definitely be something for the author to look at, although there’s no way theme where native plugins conflict would have been approved so make sure you’re running up to date versions of the theme, plugins and WordPress (assuming the theme is WP 5 compatible), and there are no other additional plugins etc. active that maybe causing an issue

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no additional plugins. i deleted everything and started the whole process over. everytime i go to customize my theme i receive the HTTP ERR 500 page. I have narrowed it down to the thim them plugin. once i deactivate that plugin i am able to use the theme customise tab but not all is showing

the 500 error is usually a hosting problem more than anyhting but if you ask the author they will be the best people to help

thank you very much

Did you try to install first localy? If your problem doesn’t exists in local, than you have to contact your hosting provider. If the same is also in local you have to contact the author

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