Not receiving my email verifications after purchase

Yesterday I set up a new account and made a purchase of the Hexentanz theme. This site was highly recommended by Grace Lever, so I made this purchase without hesitation.
I immediately received my paypal reciept, however, I received nothing from Envato. I tried 3 times to have the email resent to no avail. I sent in a “ticket” letting the site know that I had not received any conformation via email. I also contacted the seller to make them aware of the issue which is what the help center said to do. No reply from anyone.
This morning I received an email from paypal saying that my transaction has been cancelled by the seller. I logged in to my account here and the item is still showing in my cart.
Once I verified that Paypal had not sent in the funds, I started researching the forums. I found this issue has been going on for years.
I have, for the second time, made the purchase for this theme. Again, I received the receipt from Paypal but no communication or verification from this site.
I really really would like to receive this product and would love to have assistance or help in sending this through.


First of all, did you created an account prior purchasing that theme? If you have an account you can simply go to your Downloads Page and download the theme you just purchased.

  • By the way, have you checked the SPAM/BULK folders from your email account? Maybe the emails from Envato arrived there.
  • Or maybe you wrote a wrong email address on account creation process.
  • You can try to reset the password using your email/username.

Please let me know if any of these solutions worked for you :sunny:

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I created the account at the time of purchase. I have checked and all of my information is correct and there is nothing in my span folder, etc. I even had my husband look at everything.
I have received 0 communication still at this point. Would really love to have this theme. If it is not available why is it listed to buy? If it is going to take time to receive it then why haven’t I heard something? Anything?

Also checked the download page and there is nothing. The item is still showing up in my cart even though I have paypal receipts.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I still have not received any communication to this point from the seller or the company. I really wanted to do business here but I guess it is time to look elsewhere.

Have you sent any ticket to Envato Help Team? If yes, you should wait for their answers. If you are sure you used a correct email address, they will sort it out for you.