Not really related but hoping you're kind - 500 Server error


I’ve stupidly been playing around with the .php files and I’ve ruined the site. Can’t figure out how to run the WP_DEBUG. Can someone help, please?

in wp-config.php file add:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

But I don’t think that debug will work for 500 server error. Check server logs, there You will find answer.

You can also do something with server configuration files…

Trying to do it through FTP as I can’t get in to the admin area to enter the DEBUG method.

Okay, so I can’t connect to via FTP or anything at the moment.

I doubt this is it, but it’s all I can think of. I’ve order for an SSL certificate to be implemented, there was talk about switching servers. It wouldn’t be that, would it?

ping your server - ping “IP ADRESS or domain” … but It’s really hard to say what is wrong. You got hosting, VPS, dedicated server … many things can happend.