Not getting support for Drupal theme I have purchased

I have purchased a Drupal theme called Avision from Seller Drupalet on 10.12.2015 for my Drupal website. I have Installed and followed the instruction by the seller but it is not working. I have contacted the seller through his mail ID and ask for help in seller’s own forum but nothing happened. I urgently need help for the Drupal theme. Please help.

It sounds like you have gone about contacting them correctly however the author does state on their item page that response time can take up to 5 business days i.e. not including weekends

Many request done with the theme developer but no positive reply. The
developer is not giving support. I am not satisfied with the support for
the theme. It is a bug-full theme. Totally unsatisfied. Please advise
me and arrange to remove the theme from Envato Market. You can’t sell a
faulty product. I can post here the whole communication history.

Sorry to hear about your troubles, @susan5in7.

This past summer I worked on a couple of freelance projects for customers who found me here on ThemeForest, both projects used Drupal themes from elite authors here and I can sympathize with you in this regard. I feel I’m a very sound theme/module developer, however these “Drupal themes” my clients had chosen (based strictly the design elements, of course) were almost impossible to work with.

I agree, there are some major issues in regards to code quality and best Drupal practices with many of the Drupal themes sold here. Have you tried contacting Envato support and asking for a refund, telling them about your situation?

If more people would speak up, perhaps something would be done about this problem. Maybe Envato will contact the author and ask him to fix the bugs in his themes. :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem with Drupalet. Four weeks ago I bought the template Haswell. After installation, I had some doubts about the setup menu and wrote him five times last 24 days (by Envato, in their own forum and by email) He never replied me. I feel cheated. According to the conditions published in Envato, Drupalet agrees to answer between 2 and 6 days. Well, I’ve been waiting more than 24.

I’m having the same results… When following the install instructions we’ve been unable to create a functioning site.
I wrote to Drupalet author about the Haswell theme and have heard no response… I also feel cheated.