NOT filter

I’d love to see a NOT filter in the search options, so I could search for items that DON’T have a certain tag.

Trying to find a suitable happy sounding track in Audiojungle that doesn’t contain whistling, ukulele or U2 muted guitar with delay is taking me ages.


I’ve wanted that at times too, they should implement that.

+1 I’ve often thought it would be useful for my searches on graphic river and photodune too :slight_smile:

Do you need any suggestions for tracks? (Don’t want to self promote on your thread)

+1. That would be a great feature for the buyers!

Just for the record, I’m an audiojungle contributor myself, as well as an animator, which is my full time job. I’d normally just write and record a soundtrack myself, but I needed something quick to meet an animation deadline… at least I thought it would be quick… but it wasn’t, which is why I thought a NOT filter would save me so much time.

i would love to see that not only in audio jungle, graphic river and theme forest too… all these vc themes are crap and there is no way to not see them. i know better things how i can waste my time :smile:

Now that there are so many items in all marketplaces, I’m sure it would be easier to find items that DON’T have certain tags. It would make authors think more about how they tag items instead of just tagging everything they do as ‘optimistic’,‘corporate’,‘positive’.

A NOT filter would be very useful indeed. Good idea!

Oh, you got my thumbs up on the “U2 muted guitar with delay” statement! Don’t forget the sweeping reverse crescendo at the beginning of the intro. How many times are people going to write that same song? Isn’t that horse dead yet?