Not feeling safe to buy envato´s WP themes

I´m not feeling safe to buy envato´s WP themes. I asked some questions to the author before I buy the theme I want and then he replied me with a malicious link. My question (I already made by opening a Help ticket but Envato team are not replying me) is: How can I be sure that the theme I am buying is free of anything malicious into its coding? I REALLY need this reply, from envato team. Also: I´m not finding any way of contacting envato (yes, try to find any telephone number, e-mail or anything in the website. It´s not available!). It´s a bit frustrating,

Why do you expect something malicious?
Had any previous experience (like you’ve bought a theme before and encountered something malicious)?

If the file had anything malicious it wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Also you can have a look to author’s item’s “comments” section and see the answers.
This may give you an idea about the author’s credibility etc. etc.

Be sure that every item you find in the marketplace is controlled by envato’s review team before getting approved and published, (Quality, code, desgin…), and as @Bedros said, you can know more about the item and the author by having a look to the item’s comments page.