Not epic enough?

Hello friends,

My attempt to write an epic track received a hard rejection… I have my suspicion that a possible reason could have been the intro or ending, but I would be grateful to hear your views. Thanks!

Piano is too “mechanic”, and overall try to use velocity and quantizing for more “humanized” feel. And there almost no low end, you need like sub bass from 100Hz to the bottom. And there’s total mess in high-lows or low-mid - somewhere from 130Hz to 200 Hz, try to lower this region by -2.5dB with bell EQ with Q=1 or 1.5. Just suggestions and thoughts, hope it helps.

Many thanks, Theo_Sound, definitely helpful. Seems like the main issue then is the mastering and EQ?

But in case a track is hard rejected, I suppose I cannot resubmit after only tweaking a bit velocities and frequencies, right?

You cannot resubmit it unless significant changes are made. So you can work a bit on humanization, mixing/mastering (cause if you’ve mixed things well, there’s no need for EQing on master bus), maybe change some parts, and resubmit. Anyway you’d need hundreds of tracks in you portfolio for make a good income, and sometimes good tracks are getting rejected just cause those are not fitting this particular market, as reviewer see it. Sorry for so many words and so little sense :grinning:

Not at all. So maybe better to focus on the next track and try to do better with what you suggested. The funny thing is that this track was accepted by another site a few days ago, so probably the difference in markets is also one of the many possible reasons…

Yes, markets are different, staff there is different, so many things are different :grinning: You can make two or three different tracks out of one rejected one, sometimes I do it myself. I load up my project, I’m trying to fix things, I come up with fresh new ideas, and I make a couple of new tracks. This is how it works for me.