NOT Css Grid for Joomla!

I have to ask if the Envato team even knows what CSS Grid is? You have conveniently listed a number of templates for Joomla making the claim they are CSS Grid templates. Fact is not a single one of them is and it is very misleading and wrong!

Hi, in this marketplace all are using Joomla Template Framework. And most of them uses Twiiter Bootstrap CSS Framework. Can you please tell what is the problem now.

I was curious if there are any templates for Joomla using CSS Grid and the results returned clear and detailed meta data suggesting just that for multiple templates on Themeforest. That is what the problem is because just as you stated these are Bootstrap frameworks NOT CSS Grid!

FYI, Joomla itself is not a framework and while frameworks can be built for it using the template extension that too is incorrect language to describe what we are talking about.

I’m curious, how did you search for templates that are using CSS grid?
Joomla has an underlying framework which is the blueprint of what every template, component, plugin etc rides on.

I just searched using Google and the term “CSS Grid Joomla” and it returned some meta data for templates on your site that used it. Yes you are correct and I was searching for this because I was curious if anyone had a work around. When looking for this you need to look in your meta data for where it explicitly says these templates use CSS Grid.

Again this so called new technology is another talking point. First let me ask you this can anyone remember the old Dreamweaver (the suite of programs that included Dreamweaver) suite? I cannot remember what they we all called, but I remember the layer layout feature that was about to kill Abode and they took them to court and couldn’t win so decided it was best to buy them out. Possible 15yrs plus here we are with a GRID, wow!

What is so difficult about grid layouts it’s a front-end layout idea that is still not perfect that gets rid of all the “float” and “clear” that caused so much compatibility programs across browsers. It still needs hacking to make it work as needed, however, I like it and hope they can continue to develop it and get the browsers to work with the correct implementation of the specifications.

So what’s so difficult in making your own templates using CSS Grid? Nothing so far, even Joomla will work all you have to do is put your modules inside the child “div”. Just convert Protostar template removing all the bootstrap as js loading from Joomla and load them in the head and bottom of the page as they have been done and there you go job done that way you can use all the latest versions of bootstrap/flex and js etc.