not approval notification

Hello Envato Authors,
I have uploaded a html template but it is matter of sorrow that I didn’t get any email from Envato. Today 7 days running.

Anyone can tell me what is the reason behind ??

Best Regards,
Rony Mia

what can you see in your Dashboard right didebar. there should display the status of your upload. Is it still displaying Queue for review?

No, it’s not showing Queue and there is no any upload status on right sidebar.
Right sidebar heading are given below.

  1. Upload an item
  2. This week’s stats
  3. Fun fact
  4. Author resources
  5. Previous announcements
    these are rights sidebar heading of dashboard.

then your item got reviewed and you should received email about review result. please check your envato account email inbox and spam/junk folder as well. Thanks