Not able to upload service page on my wordpress site?

I am not able to upload SEOWP theme service page.


Here is the support information for that theme -

Hopefully the author will be able to give you some instructions.


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Pages are static. That means that the information displayed on a page doesn’t change, or doesn’t change often. A great example of a page would be the About or Contact Us section of a website.

Create a New Page
To add a new page, navigate to My Site(s), then click Add next to Pages:
You’ll land on the Editor, where you can add text, media, embeds, contact forms, or any other content for your page. Customize, review, save, or publish your new page using the editor settings.

Table of Contents

Edit a Page

If you would like to edit an existing page, head to My Site(s) then click Pages on the left menu. Next, to the page, you’d like to edit, select Edit from the drop-down.

Setting a “Home” Page

By default, the front page of new Create a free website or blog sites will display posts from your blog. If you would like to create a more traditional website, add a page called “Home” and add any content you want to display. Next, head to Customize in My Site(s) and select Homepage Settings. Choose your new “Home” page as the front page of your site. Here are more detailed steps for added help.

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