Noobie customer - some questions and help needed :)

Hello all. My nickname is Bara. I’m an online game streamer and I ant to start recording my in game footage and post it to YouTube.

However, I want to do it properly and I need a nice video intro for each video. I’ve been pking around the net and I ended up at videohive and - to be honest - it seems to be light years ahead of the other “free film intro” sites out there.

I’m just wondering how easy it is to personalise the videos and if I need to know any other software to do this? Also, is it possible to “try before you buy”? By that I mean, see if any possible edits work and/or are suitable?

Many thanks in advance and if anyone has any awesome advice for noobies pleasse let me know!

Best wishes, Bara <3

Hmmmm starting to think I’ve posted this in the wrong place?

Can anyone help or at least tell me where I should have posted this? :confused:

Hey there @Baranthus,

Firstly, sorry it’s taken so long for us to reply. Looks like you posted this right in the middle of the Australian Summer Holidays :joy: Secondly, welcome to Envato.

It largely depends on the item that you’re looking to purchase (if you share the item here we can give you more specific advice), but I’d hazard a guess that what you’re looking at is an after-effects template, which will require Adobe After Effects to be able to use.

There’s plenty of pros here in the forums that know what they’re doing. And we’ve got plenty of resources over on Tuts+ that can help you if you’re just starting out.

As for try before you buy the answer is not really. (Sorry!)

Most items will have demo videos which will walk you through what can and can’t be customised. But if there’s ever any doubt, you can just drop a message to the author.

Sing out if you have any more questions!