Noob question: How Do I Modify Kalium Theme Demo Preset

I purchased Kalium and after activation I installed the preset demo for photographers. However, I did not found any option to remove that big “Hi, I’m Remi!”. The problem is, I’m not Remi of course. Now before I f*ck around with content inspector and delete it manually via FTP, I’d rather have an explanation where to find this setting. Same is for the portfolio categories menu, I didn’t find the option to modify it. (The sitebuilder can’t reach it, too).

I know Wordpress is somehow “okey” but still a pain it the arse and I appreciate the lots of options to modify the theme but ya know to get started, w/o rtfm and just wysiwyg seems not possible in 2018? Well at least we’ve been to Mars so not all is bad :smiley:

Could you please give me a hint how to handle that pesky dashboard to finally reach the sub-sub-sub(-sub) category for the “Remi”-hello and the portfolio-category-menue-settings.

Thanks in advance and have a great day!


Let’s tag Remi into the action :smiley: @Laborator

Also, here is that author’s support information if you need to contact them -

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Please click Edit on that page and then you can go to Parameters and Options area > Page Options > Heading Title and follow the instructions in the image below:


P.S: If you need help again for for Kalium theme please write a ticket on our dedicated support center and support team will assist you.

Take me to item support ➝

Ylli from Laborator


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Please excuse me the ticket thing.

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