Non Visual Composer themes

Hi guys,

A while back there was a nice thread that had a list of (mostly) non VC and not bloated themes, and their authors. Can’t seem to find it anymore… Can anyone find it, bring it back…


I remember this thread, but it seems I can’t find it either. Arghhhh I always forget to bookmark important links :smile:
I know for sure that @ProteusThemes were mentioned. As you can see from their portfolio, they use mostly site origin page builder (some of the themes have VC support but it’s not included, so I guess you can use their themes without VC).

Well, I hope that the original thread will be found soon :wink:

I actually just found it :slight_smile: link to bloat free themes thread

Make sure to bookmark it, I just did :wink:

Great! Thanks :smile: