Non standard WordPress themes?

This is mainly a question for the staff I think… but also curious if anybody else has had the same experience:

I got my first theme hard rejected (for good reasons) but one of the things mentioned in there by the review team was:

“Unfortunately, this theme falls into what we’re calling non-standard WordPress theme, which we’re not accepting right now until we get some things in place (but which we think will be popular in future) - so we can’t accept it anyway”

Not really sure what was meant by that… could anybody please shed a little more light on the matter?

define what your theme did? was a rest api theme?

Just a standard WordPress blog theme with all the usual bells and whistles you’d expect. A backend redux panel (no customizer support, I don’t have room in the customizer for the things I have in my redux panel) for customized header/footer layouts and a metabox for some post featured image customization. Very run of the mill (no REST or anything like that).

One thing I did is wrap my own classes around WP’s functions so instead of a mile long procedural functions.php file, it branches out into a bunch of singleton classes that interact with one another but ultimately just encapsulate functionality.

Also, I have a base.php template (similar to the popular underscores WP theme framework) so I don’t have to include the header and footer manually in every template. But that’s quite a popular way of doing things and it uses WP’s built in ‘template_include’ filter.

I also use namespaces, instead of function prefixes (but that’s something I’ve seen the majority of modern WP theme frameworks using, I doubt a core PHP language feature is considered non-standard in the WP world).

Off the top of my head, those the major things I’m thinking could be the problem but I have no way of knowing which of those is considered non-standard. I’m inclined to believe none of those are since I have seen other proven authors on here building their theme on top of some sort of scaffolding similar to mine.

Hope that makes sense!

PS: actually, you know what here’s the full working version if you want to play around with it: – well, mind you, it has been rejected for some very good reasons including that the built-in composer PSR class autoload wasn’t working (amongst a couple other specific things as well) so you might have a bit of a time getting it up and running but I’d sure appreciate any input :smiley: