Non-productive updates process for ThemeForest themes

Hi there!

I was checking for other posts on forum but I wasn’t able to get any suggestive results for my question.

Non-productive updates process

So, we want to change the 80x80 pixells thumbnail of our themes. So far so good. Can’t understand why we should submit all files ( just to update that 80x80 px thumbnail?

We think this is a total non-productive process for us and for Envato. Why there is no option to update the 80x80px icon only?

Or, why there is no option to update the screenshots only, for example.

We understant there are Envato’s standards, but any system can be improved in our opinion.

What do you think, guys?

Must be a speciality on Themeforest, I am not a Themeforest author, but on Graphicriver, Codecanyon and 3DOcean you can upload only the thumbnail and/or preview image and update the items without a new review

You are right!

I’ve tried only to submit the thumbnails and it worked.

Strage because I already tried but the package / theme zip file fields were required.

Anyhow, thanks for your reply