Non-Exclusive account question


Hi everyone.
Would anybody suggest me. How can i make another NON-exclusive account with the same name?Do i need to contact support team for that?
If i want to move one of my item from Exclusive to Non-exclusive do i need to do the same operations?(reupload it and wait till review it again)?


Hi mate :blush:

I guess you cannot create account with the same name, because it will be the same URL, which is impossible. But you can add something to your name, let’s say “music”, “audio”, “non-ex” or anything else.

To transfer an item to another account you need to contact support and ask them to give you a permission to do that.

Wish you all the best! :blush:


Thanks AudioTrend! :slight_smile:


But how about moving item from one account to another? How it will be looks like?


You’re not allowed to. It’s against the rules to re-upload an item that has already been uploaded. However, if you speak to support and let them know what you want to do and why you want to do it, they might be able to help. I guess it would be more likely for them to help if you hadn’t had any sales on a particular item, so buyers aren’t inconvenience by a missing item.


Thanks SpaceStockFootage. I’ll contact the support team.